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While the homes of today may not be as advanced as often described in science fiction movies, technology is getting there. As technology continues to explode, the home automation revolution is exploding at the same time with new ideas and exciting concepts allowing homeowners to bring their homes to a whole new level of convenient model living.

Integrated Systems and Smartphones

Like many homeowner, you want your home safe and protected from damage and theft. In the past that meant owning a really big dog, or having a monitored security system that alerted the police… who would eventually show up only to find out that the burglars had already left the scene. Today, thanks to equal parts home automation and security systems, homeowner can finally relax knowing their home is protected. The first company that comes to mind may not be as intuitive as you might think… AT&T Digital Life is the newest player to enter the home automation playground.

Through AT&T Digital Life System, homeowners can now access their home through a state-of-the-art user interface from any location through their web-enabled smartphones, tablets, or computers. Homeowners will be able to monitor their security system, grant and restrict access to their homes, monitor activity through internal and externally mounted cameras, control lighting and appliances, and even control the temperature in the house from their thermostat. Having an automated home will bring you peace of mind as you go to sleep at night or when you’re out of the house.

Fun and Entertainment

The way you listen to music and watch movies inside your home is definitely changing.  Newer models of televisions have the ability to let you stream shows and movies from the Internet. Gone are the days when you have to put a physical disk into a player only to find out that the disc has been damaged.  Additionally, you can also search the web, connect to Facebook, search for videos on YouTube, and play games. Thanks to the advancements of technology you can even watch a show from your smart device when you are traveling.

If you like listening to music you can now listen simultaneously in different areas of your house through wirelessly syncing multiple speakers via Internet or your home network. Home music systems are offered by digital music providers as a way for customers to automate their music.

AT&T will begin to roll out their newest offering Digital Life in March 2013, home automation and security systems will make everyday living more convenient, comfortable, and secure.

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  1. Great blog about ServiceLive and AT&T DIgital Life. Sadly I am on the waiting list for my area.

  2. In time you will be Mr. Automated!

  3. My son recently lost his house key, so the ability to open the front door remotely all of sudden makes alot of sense.

  4. Home Automation is going to be a great way to reduce household associated expenses. The ability to configure your AC and turn on /off lights through web or your mobile phone is now reality and just some of the awesome functions you have access to immediately.

  5. All my gadgets at home do so many things and it would be nice to finally make them work together. I like this concept.

  6. Home Automation is the next big thing! I hear that appliance manufacturers are teaming up to build “smart appliances” that would be an integral part of our not too far “digital life”…

  7. Apple’s AirPlay’s seriously changed how I enjoy digital content when relaxing at home, be it of the pure audio or audio & video kind – blasting stuff wirelessly was never nearly as easy even if it was possible for many years before this stuff rolled out: http://www.apple.com/airplay/ … 1 step closer to “living in the future” my friend 🙂

  8. Hey Nikola!

    Many devices such as iPads and Android devices can now control devices in the home, from appliances to door locks.

  9. Let the future begin – I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  10. Awesome stuff… with AT&T’s Digital Life package I’ll finally be able to check in during the day and see what my dog does around the house while I’m away 😉

  11. This is just the beginning… so many exciting uses for integrated home automation. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Where do I sign up? 🙂

  12. I absolutely love home automation it makes life so much easier!! Especially with home theater systems and energy saving solutions!!

  13. Love the idea of remotely locking and unlocking house doors. Does anyone have experience with these types of locks and how they play with home automation methods? As much as I like both touchpad and remote triggers, I probably would always want to fall back to the plain, ole, humble key!

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