What You Need to Know To Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just a nice idea that homeowners toss around for fun. If you want to keep your home in good condition, preparing your home for spring isn’t an optional activity.

So now that spring has sprung, what do you need to catch up on? Here’s a brief overview of basically everything you need to know to get ready for the warmer months.


Everyone knows that winter is the clutter season. It’s easy to let the stuff pile up around the house during the winter months, what with the holidays, a lack of motivation to get out in the cold and keep the garage organized, and the “wait for spring cleaning” mentality.

The first step to getting rid of all the clutter is to recognize that stuff attracts stuff. Every time you allow another pile to accumulate, you run the risk of it reaching epic proportions by springtime. Of course, since spring is already here and the piles are already created, it only remains to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Start at one end of the house and work your way through room by room. Make one pile of stuff to keep, one to donate, and one to trash. If you’re on the fence, put the item aside and pull it out again in a few weeks – if you haven’t needed or missed it, get rid of it.

Seasonal Appliances

You’re not quite done with your cleaning until you’ve tackled all of those seasonal appliances. Once you’ve finished with your furnace for the year, make sure you either clean the filter or replace it, check the belts, and make sure the blades are clean.

Check your air conditioning unit a few weeks before you think you’ll need it. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the hottest weeks of the year with no AC. Dust out the vents and turn it on for a few minutes to make sure it’s still blowing cold air after being ignored all winter.


With the warmer weather comes the bugs. Don’t wait to get your house sprayed—by the time you notice an infestation of spiders, ants, or other unwanted houseguests, you’ll have to wage an offensive instead of a preventative war.

When the nights stop falling below freezing or 32 degrees, call pest control and get your home sprayed. If you don’t want to pay for the pricey exterminator, do your own extermination. Yes, it’s possible—you will need to get some heavy-duty poisons, traps, or bug lights and be your own pest controller.


Once you move outside, preparing for spring can seem even more overwhelming than the cleaning projects indoors. Once the snow and ice has all melted and the weather starts to warm up, you’re going to notice a few things that need attention.

Your pavement is one of them. When winter moisture seeps into your driveway, it freezes, expands, and causes the pavement to crack. There’s no good way around this except to stay on top of maintenance.

To keep your pavement in the best condition possible, you should be making minor repairs annually. Call your local Houston or Vancouver paving company (try a company like Able Paving or Superior Paving if you’re in those areas) to get those cracks resealed as early as April and as late as November depending on where you live. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll want to wait until a little later in the spring to make sure that you’re not going to get an unexpected freeze.

The sooner you can get the cracks sealed, the better—little cracks left alone will only expand until they turn into bigger problems than a simple sealant can fix.


Spring is planting season! If you haven’t already started your garden indoors, take the time to sit down and plan it. You shouldn’t plant anything until after the final frost, so make sure that you don’t get too anxious to get the seeds in the ground.

If you’ve never planted a garden, consider giving it a shot this year. Part of the magic of spring is watching things come back to life—and growing your own vegetables or flowers can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the season. Ask your neighbors, family, or friends how to get started, check out books at the local library, or even hop online and find tutorials.

Once you get started, growing a garden isn’t difficult. You won’t regret it.

From de-cluttering your house to fixing up your driveway, spring can be one of the busiest times of the year. But though preparing for the warmer months might be exhausting and time-consuming, it is also fun and rewarding. So don’t wait to shake off winter; warm weather is here, and it’s time to embrace it.

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