What Lies Under Your Bed?

Spiders love nesting during the day time hours in undisturbed places. At night these creepy crawlers love to set up shop in preparation to snag some protein from unexpected visitors. Many people fear these creepy crawlers and the same people are actually providing food and shelter for these spiders.

You may think that under your bed lies a rug and maybe some dust, and you’re right, but there’s something else lurking under your bed. Bed netting from the box spring and dust build up are like a hotel for spiders and if you fail to clean at least twice per month under the bed the spiders will set up shop because they know it’s an undisturbed area. I am a fan of spiders and I rarely will extinguish them only because they’re great exterminators. Spiders are very productive when it comes to killing off other insects in and around the home and it is why I keep them close by.

We have two spiders that come out at night, one that hangs around the front door area and the other spider hangs around the patio sliding door inside the house. When I wake up in the morning both spiders are gone for the day and they could be anywhere, even under the bed. We have a basic understanding, don’t mess with me and you can stay rent-free. So far the relationship has been very good and I rarely ever see any bugs in the house.

There are so many people who have arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and would just rather not know a spider is even close by. Some will argue this, but the average person swallows 4 spiders per year, and a full pound of spiders swallowed in a lifetime. I do not believe this only because spiders have a keen sense of sound and vibration and if you sleep with your mouth open you probably snore loud. Vibrations are part of spiders sensory and will warn a spider of dangers. It’s highly likely a sleeping person is not something a spider would willingly approach.

Clean under your bed and also dust weekly to remove any residue left behind from spiders that are not good at housekeeping.

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