Transform Your Spare Room

Transform Your Spare Room

For many homeowners, the idea of having an extra room seems like a luxury. There are tons of Pinterest boards filled with design ideas on how to transform your spare room once you have decided what you are going to do with it.

Maybe your roommate left, your child went to college, or you moved into a larger house – whatever, the reason, now you’ve got some space presenting you with an overwhelming array of options. Sure, you could make a guest room, or only use it for storage, but there are many other ways to transform your spare room that may fit your life better. Here are some of the most creative ways to transform an unused spare room.

Creative Studio

Here’s your chance to finally indulge your creative hobby like a “real” artist when you are ready to transform your spare room. Do you paint? Sculpt? Play music? Weave? Sew, knit, build model airplanes, make jewelry, or develop your film? No matter what your creative hobby may be, your spare room can be transformed into a space that allows you the opportunity to pursue your passion. Thinking of the area as a “studio” rather than a “hobby room” gives it a bit more weight, and that’s a good thing: it signifies to your brain that you have permission to prioritize a real workspace for your art.


Most of the time, when we think of “home gyms”, we picture a dusty set of weights laying next to a worn-out treadmill in the corner of a basement. If you’re extra devoted to your fitness routine, you may have a bike and a few popular exercise tools that promised to revolutionize your workouts. The one thing that all of this has in common is the uninspired space it inhabits. Instead of a sad home gym, why not create a beautiful, almost spa-like dojo where you can practice martial arts, yoga, dance, or just meditate after a long day?  Because you don’t need much furniture for this transformation, it’s an excellent choice for homeowners on a budget.

Private Theater

Okay, this option is not the most unique choice you could make, but no one can resist the idea of having their own in-house movie theater. If you’ve got the ability to invest in a big screen television and some extra comfortable seating, this is an excellent way to utilize that spare room. You’ll also free up space in your living room if you choose to watch all your TV in the viewing theater. Add a snack stand with a microwave or popcorn maker, and you may never want to leave!


Hundreds of years ago, it was the norm for homeowners to have chapels in their homes, or on their properties. This was in large part because churches were spread out too widely for weekly travel, but nothing says you cannot bring the idea into the current century. Creating a space that reflects your spiritual beliefs, with an altar, icons, a prayer area, or any other unique items, can give your entire home a calm, grounded feeling.

There are hundreds of other ways to utilize a spare room, but these should get your ideas flowing. Consider your life and the things you like to do. Maybe you would benefit from a potting room for your garden? Or your own home library? Whatever you do, don’t let the opportunity of extra space turn into a sad, dusty storage room.


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  1. My wife was over my shoulder as I’m reading this article out loud to myself. Now she wants to turn our spare room into a dojo / home gym. I told her that’s why we spend $$ on the gym membership that she doesn’t use LOL. Good ideas with the spare room use, I would personally lean towards movie theater 🙂

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