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Most of us are trying to save money, especially in this economy. It’s tough to spend money on services you might be able to do yourself, but sometimes it’s the smarter choice, as I learned.

I needed to replace my bathroom faucet, but kept putting it off until one day I finally decided I had to get it done. I am not at all handy, in fact my mom and brother make fun of me whenever I buy something that needs to be assembled. If the assembly time on the box indicates 1.5 hours, just add another hour if I am doing it.

I thought the faucet replacement was going to be an easy job after reading the instructions below:

  • Turn off the water valve
  • Remove the water feed lines from the faucet
  • Remove the faucet hold down washers or spin nuts
  • Clean the area once the faucet is removed
  • Put the new, plastic faucet base plate in position
  • Insert and firmly yet gently tighten the mounting studs into the bottom of the faucet base if they’re not already
  • Insert the faucet into the appropriate location on your sink
  • Reattach your water lines and apply Teflon plumber’s tape to the male threads of your connections
  • Reestablish water pressure and check for leaks

Everything seemed to be going well, or so I thought. I successfully removed my old faucet. Then I installed the brand new faucet fixture, and it was a snap. The job was all completed, and I was one happy Do-it-Yourselfer!

I came home from work the next day to an unwelcome surprise. I had a lake in my bathroom that ran into the media room. What the heck just happened? I checked the faucet by running water after I replaced it and there were no leaks.

Where did I go wrong?

A smiling plumber and $125 later, not to mention the four hours it took me to clean up the small lake in the bathroom and media room, I learned from that mistake. I forgot the Teflon pipe tape to create a water tight seal between the water feed lines and the faucet.

I’ve decided that it’s always wise to hire a professional to avoid unnecessary costs in repairs, not to mention avoiding the frustrating experience of a DIY-project gone wrong.

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  1. I think we all have a similar story. Sometimes it’s better to farm out a job especially if your not familiar with the trade or simply don’t like the work (i.e. I know how tape/mud drywall; however, I choose to hire a professional as they can do it faster/better and it frees me up to work on things I’m good at and enjoy).

  2. Your post made me laugh. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has tried to DIY with disastrous results. It’s almost like a sitcom at our house. I’m going to make sure he reads this. 🙂

  3. Anna,

    I am glad I can make you laugh and don’t forget to remind hubby to read the article 🙂

  4. Many times you’re paying a professional for their knowledge or how to do the work AS WELL AS knowing what to do if something goes wrong in the process.

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