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We all at one time have cringed over something we might think will go terribly wrong. One of the biggest fears is that person you know, maybe your hubby who thinks he can fix anything, and can do it just as well as a service contractor. You probably have told Hubby aka – Mr. DIY Disaster that we need to get a plumber or an electrician to fix something and he would say …“I am not paying to get that fixed, I can go it myself.” Cringe time!

How do you tell him in a nice way to find a service contractor to do the repair? Being blunt about how bad he is when it comes to home repairs could lead to other issues, and can also make him feel less adequate. It is a tough spot to be in especially telling a love one they aren’t good at something. The best approach is not trying to prove or show him past repairs that went wrong, this will just cause him to reflect and retaliate. Let’s face it, not all repairs are created equal.

In my opinion, I like to hear how we can save money by hiring a service contractor because the home repair is difficult and if not done correctly can lead to other problems and more money. Provide examples by searching online on potential DIY Disasters relating to what you need fixed. A little schmoozing can go a long way. My wife knows the right button to press to make me happy.

You may also get some kudos by letting him be part of the decision making when finding a service contractor or you can show him services online that help with home repairs. This will make him feel like he is part of the solution.

I know my wife cringes when she gives me a small project and she should. I am no handyman and my ego is smaller than my wallet.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I could definitely use these with my hubby. 🙂

  2. Hey, you’re giving away all the secrets! Now they will know how to make us do what they want!
    Wait… They already do..

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