The Year is Half Over – How Does Your Handyman List Look?

Maybe “the year is half full” is a better way to put it. Whether your New Year’s resolutions are coming along smoothly or you’d rather not think about it, how many items are left to check off your to-do list? Is your home in need of some love? Six months left…

Some popular and energy/cost saving summer projects include:

  • Service or repair your AC unit – regular maintenance will help keep energy costs down as well as ensure your family stays comfy
  • Seal air leaks – check around your doors and windows
  • Stain and seal deck – protect it from sun damage, rot and cracks
  • Assemble a gas grill – be prepared to feast and enjoy the summer evenings
  • Gazebo assembly – seats and shade (too many parts to count)
  • Maintain or repair the attic fan – be sure moisture and hot air is properly removed
  • Paint wrought iron fence – Since it is outdoors and the rust is likely severe, sand blasting would be the best method to remove both the paint and the rust. You can normally find rental equipment to complete this task or you can contact ServiceLive to find you a qualified local contractor.

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ~ Henry James

Make the most and enjoy the rest of your summer afternoons. Discover other projects and get what you need done … today!

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