The Perils of Innovation & Opportunity

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  1. Jim says:

    Great perspective and food for thought – thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom.

  2. Adi says:

    The “Cash Cow Syndrome” is indeed one of the top reasons why companies fail to innovate, and eventually fall into stagnation…
    Thanks for the insights in this post!

  3. Shahroz says:

    Dennis, I believe innovation requires courage. Companies who hire good people often create processes that get in the way of innovation. Too often, we seek permission in business because it’s the safe thing to do because the fear of failing and that slows or limits innovation abilities. Work swiftly with partners or methods that wouldn’t traditionally work can summon confidence to pursue ideas.

  4. Anna Cerrito says:

    Thanks for sharing some very honest thoughts on why innovation fails in established companies. In reading your post, I am reminded of this quote:

    “It isn’t the incompetent who destroy an organization. The incompetent never get in a position to destroy it. It is those who achieved something and want to rest upon their achievements who are forever clogging things up.”
    — F. M. Young

    It really comes down to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  5. Tyler Sims says:

    The fast pace of technology development in the modern era has also had a huge impact on the need to innovate. In today’s world new technology pops up around every corner, some of which are completely new categories that create competition where none existed before… just look at what the iPod did for Apple. Innovation must be an integral part of company culture to help see the bends in the road and take the curve with the stability to stay in the race.

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