The Hack Job

Have you ever hired someone to do a job in or around the home only to find out that the job rendered was an absolute hack? This would make any homeowner upset and more than likely to take action against the service provider. Unfortunately, this costs even more money for court fees, lawyers, etc. The best approach would be to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to rework what was hacked in the first place.

If you need something done around the house, make sure you do your homework. It’s best to hire a recommended contractor from a referral you get from a friend or family member who used the contractor for their own home repairs.

If no one can provide you with a referral, you should shop around online and check contractor reviews in your area so that you can find a reliable handyman or even a appliance repair contractor.

5 things to check for

  1. Check for contractors who have more than 10 reviews
  2. Research exactly what service the contractor provides
  3. Does the contractor provide a warranty?
  4. Does the contractor have General Liability insurance
  5. Does the contractor have a state license? (There are some states that don’t have licensing at the state level; you will need to check with local jurisdictions.)

Before making any investment to improve your home, make sure you do your research or let ServiceLive connect you with a qualified service contractor. Just call 1-888-572-8124. Don’t get robbed of your hard earned money by some hack.

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  1. Barry Crouch says:

    We have been fortunate that we have not experienced a hack job during any of our remodeling projects. Although we have had many contractors try to slide one over on us. Great advise Frank.

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