The Computer Hookup: Steer Clear of Cyber Criminals in 2012

Cyber crime continues to grow at an alarming rate. With all the security breaches, exploits and viruses, you can bet that many scammers and criminals are already orchestrating their next attacks and many of these will be socially engineered to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

Criminals are coming up with more and more creative ways take advantage of people online. It’s the masses in which gives them the drive to reap rewards from their exploits. As long as you roam the internet, you are in harm’s way of being the next victim regardless of how web savvy you are.

In order to keep your family safe, you need to educate each person in your household on the do’s and don’ts. Most of what you can teach is common sense, but it’s the things that you are unaware of that can get you in the most trouble. Having all the security software still doesn’t keep you fully protected. It’s the human factor that does keep you and your family safe.

Assuming every site you visit is safe could put you at risk. Sure you been there before, but do you really have 100 percent trust in the site you visit often? How can you be so sure, when it’s only you who feels this way? What if you had a community that provides insight on web sites by grading them on whether or not they are safe? I would rather take the opinion from many, than to rely on one person’s opinion. This is where the “Web of Trust” community comes in. They’re your police, your friend and they are very committed to internet safety. You can download the Web of Trust add-on for Firefox and/or IE by visiting

In addition to having a community of security conscious people, you also need to make sure that your security software is updated with the latest virus definitions (removing viruses from computers is never a fun chore).

The more you’re armed, the less danger will come your way.

Safe Surfing!

Be sure to consult with a pro on how to install antivirus software or discuss questions you have about your home electronics installations.

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