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I am not talking about leaving the toilet seat up or socks on the floor. I am talking about the things she wants done and you keep putting them off. I am one of those men who tend to say “I will do it tomorrow”, but tomorrow comes and it’s still not done.

In no particular order:

10. Garage assembly = The garage is full of clutter, please clean it out
9. The lawn needs to be cut
8. Paint the walls and trim in the kitchen
7. Please check my computer, its slow = removing viruses from computer
6. Please get the pool ready … it’s June already speedy!
5. When are you going to replace the kitchen faucet?
4. The front door still doesn’t close right = fix doorknob, don’t be a doorknob!
3. A roof shingle is missing, please replace
2. Please call a carpet cleaner, the rugs need cleaning
1. My car is over due for an oil change

I am sure there are many more things we can add to this list. I would rather my wife be happy about the things I got done than to hear her constantly remind of what I need to do.

It might be that some of the things that need to be fixed are not within our expertise, but they still need to get done, even if it takes hiring a professional. We’re only human and can’t fix everything.

Facts: Overall, more than a quarter of Americans say they procrastinate. Men are worse than women (about 54 out of 100 chronic procrastinators are men).

The causes of procrastination combine temptation, sense of immediacy, the value of doing the job, and whether you believe you can get the work done.

Men – Lets stop procrastinating and start doing! Need a handyman referral like me? 🙂

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