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I love unusual and strange things and these homes certainly fit the venue. Who in their right mind would come up with the plans to build such homes? These homes, in some cases, look as though they need a home repair contractor, but they’re built like this intentionally.

Weird Blue Home – It looks like a home that was hit by a tornado.

Weird Blue Home














This home looks like it came from a children’s story, but it is real and livable.

A shoe shaped home














Oh my god, we are being invaded! Not really, but this house is pretty cool and it resembles that of a UFO.

Home shaped like a spaceship














Paper, scissors, rock, huh? This is a stone house in Portugal.

Rock House














Why would anyone want to build an upside down house? This home looks like it needs a lot of home services work. 🙂

Upside down house















How far is the nearest grocery store from here? This is a home built out in the middle of the ocean. It sure seems quite and relaxing. You certainly wouldn’t have a need for cooling services with the nice breeze that comes off the ocean.

Home built on the ocean














Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – It looks like a Rubik’s cube. A very odd site, but pretty cool at the same time. I wonder how much they paid to paint the walls.

Rubik's Cube Home













These are some of the strangest and coolest homes I have ever seen.

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  1. I wouldnt mind living at the house in the middle of ocean. Looks very peacful 🙂

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