Homeowner Storage Tips

Over the years you’ve managed to accumulate a bunch of stuff around the house. Now, where are you going to put it? Our homeowner tips for storage should get you back some needed space for your home!

Over your head not really.
Add a shelf 12 to 18 inches below the ceiling to keep collectibles out of the way while still on display. Shelf assembly is also a good way to add storage in a garage or basement. Make sure it’s level and sturdy, so nothing comes crashing down. Overhead storage racks in your garage are a great way to store things you put away a season at a time, like camping gear or Christmas lights.

In the corner, you go.
Corner shelves can be free standing or hang on the wall and take advantage of unused space, who doesn’t need that? They come in many styles ranging from plain for the garage, to stylish for the living room.

Bin there, done that. Whether it’s going under the stairs, in the laundry room or even the garage, a tightly closed plastic bin protects your valuables from dust and moisture. Label the bins so you know what is in them or choose clear ones so you can see what’s inside.

Cart it off. You can buy rolling carts small enough to fit under your desk or large enough to take up half your closet. Either way, they’re handy because you can tuck them in a tight corner when not in use, then pull them out into the open so you can take out what you need.

A tisket, a tasket, put it in a basket.
Baskets are versatile and especially for items that can be somewhat hard to stack neatly. They come in every imaginable shape and size: use small plastic ones in drawers to corral loose items such as nails or hair elastics and giant metal ones to contain sports equipment. Use stackable baskets to create extra tiers on closet shelves. For baskets in plain view — like the one that holds magazines — choose decorative wicker.

There are many types of storage bins ranging in size and price. Check out the wide range of storage solutions at Sears.

Need help with storage and product assembly solutions. Find a reliable handyman.

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