Springtime Must Do’s Outside Your Home

Old man winter is ready to check out as spring approaches and it’s that time of year to start getting your home ready for the best time of the year!

Hopefully, you got your home ready for winter so now we will reverse the course to get ready for the warm-up.

  1. Gutters and Downspouts: Inspect your gutters for debris and leaks.
  2. Roof: Check for loose or damaged shingle’s caused by snow or ice and make any necessary repairs to reduce the possibility of a major leak.
  3. Trees and Branches: Inspect trees for damage, loose or broken branches, and remove (hire a contractor or do it yourself). Also, trim any branches around wires and too close to the home.
  4. Lawn Equipment: If you don’t use a landscaping service make sure your lawn mowers and any other equipment are tuned up before using. You should also store gas in a vented area to prevent combustion.
  5. Walkways and Driveways: Inspect and repair any cracks and uneven surfaces to keep a safe walking area.
  6. Windows & Doors: Inspect seals around your windows and doors as the winter weather can cause seals around windows and doors to break away, and or harden. Also, make sure to repair screens that are damaged or have holes.
  7. HVAC: Clean any debris around your compressor and trim back bushes to allow for good airflow for the AC unit.
  8. Sprinkler Systems: Run your sprinklers and inspect that all sprinkler heads are spraying properly and that your entire yard has good coverage of water. Adjust as needed or hire a company to help maintain your system.
  9. Patio Furniture: Clean off dirt and debris collected while in storage. Inspect cushions for any damage.
  10. Barbeque and Grill: Clean and condition your Grill. Don’t forget to get your propane tank filled if you don’t have natural gas hooked up from your home.
  11. Garage and Shed: Organize by bringing the lawn mower and garden tools to the front for easy access.
  12. Garden & Plants: Prepare garden beds by covering the soil with aged compost, and mix and level with a garden fork.
  13. Inspect Lawn: Check for dead and or bald spots and reseed as well as aerate.
  14. Patio & Porch: Pressure wash and apply sealant to protect wood from damaging and fading from the hot sun.
  15. Doormats: Clean and or replace outdoor doormats.

Spring will be in the air before you know it!

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