Springtime is the Right Time to Declutter Your Basement or Garage

Spring cleaning is a long-held tradition. It is a great time to open up the doors and windows and savor that fresh air we’ve been missing during the colder winter months. Cleaning the home from top to bottom is a great feeling, but even more so when you clear it of clutter and debris. So, let’s talk about how to go about decluttering your basement or garage.

First Things First: Assess the Mess

Decluttering is now an actual profession for some and for a good reason;  most of us dread the process. Whether it is because we are clutter bugs or overly sentimental about objects, a lot of us end up with stuff we neither need nor use. In other words, we’ve got a mess on our hands somewhere, and it is often the basement.

So, the first step in decluttering your basement or garage is to look at the mess and begin to sort it into those three familiar piles – keep, toss, or give away. You might be planning a yard sale, too, and so you can put the giveaway stuff into a “garage sale” stack if you think it would sell.

Next Step: Act on that Sorting

You did it! You got through all of the stuff and identified what’s to stay, what’s to go and what’s to be given away or sold. Now…do it! Organize a run to the transfer station or drag the garbage to the curb. Head to a local charity with boxes of stuff or put recyclables into a large recycle bin.

The Tough Step: Do the First Step Again

Here’s the thing, you probably won’t be as honest with yourself about what you should keep, toss or give away the first time around. Now is a time to edit that “keep” pile and determine if there are things that can go.

The Productive Step: Organize

What sorts of “categories” comprise the things you’ll be keeping? For instance, do you have sports gear, tools, old records, books, antiques? Whatever you decide to keep, try to categorize it. The items that are vulnerable to damp, mold or anything else that can occur in the basement should be put into waterproof tubs or bins or even moved elsewhere. Then, it’s time to organize!

The Legwork Step: Buying the shelving and organizational “stuff.”

Now is the moment when your organizing will pay off and the effort to declutter your basement or garage helps transform it into a safer and more functional space. Take time to choose shelving or cabinetry that will work as practical storage. Does it need to be tall and open? Can it be more like a cabinet with doors? Whatever works with your items, map out a single wall or space in which to store it and buy shelving. Then, invest in the right bins and boxes to get it authentically organized and functional. If it means tool boxes, wheeled bins, big tubs… go for it! Don’t forget that many items can be easily hung (like tools, cleaning tools, sports gear, and so on), so look for pegboards and other systems for hanging them.

Enjoying the Benefits

Congratulations, you are done! Keep in mind that by tossing the clutter and reorganizing everything, you open up a lot of space, which can often let you do repairs or improvements in the basement with greater ease and keeps things a lot safer, in general. It might be time to consider a dehumidifier if the basement is damp, as it will work much more efficiently with everything organized and properly stored. You might want to update the flooring, add some lighting or even finish an area now that you have the room!

If you want expert help with some basement improvements and updates or with clearing out your clutter, get in touch with professionals here.



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