Spring Time Must Do Maintenance and Repairs

With home or business ownership comes the bittersweet responsibility of maintenance.  If you don’t have a maintenance fund, you should start saving a bit as there are several seasonal  maintenance duties that need to be tackled this spring to keep your bank account and health in check. Even though many of these tasks are do-it-yourself, you should consider hiring a reliable handyman to assist with repairs and inspection.

Check Your Alarms
Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be checked for damage and have batteries replaced twice a year.

Heating and Cooling Services
Aside from regularly replacing filters (typically once a month), your heating and cooling system should be inspected and cleaned as necessary once a year. This should be completed prior to the first time you heat or cool your home in the winter or spring. It is also important to check the lubrication for the circulating pump and motor.

Have a pro re-install window ACs in the spring to ensure proper insulation so that your cool air stays inside.

Vinyl Windows Installation
If you don’t have them, think about investing in vinyl windows to help keep your home well insulated.  Also be sure to check for cracks around windows and doors and properly re-seal as needed.

Cleaning Services
The change of seasons is a good time for a comprehensive cleaning of your home – inside and out.

  • Check your fireplace and chimney for soot.
  • Check refrigerator coils for dust.
  • Check air vents as well as the vents on your dryer and range.
  • Check storage areas to remove any build up of dirt or materials that have gone bad (e.g. paint)
  • Flush out your water heater to ensure any residue it removed to allow for proper water flow.
  • Avoid the need to repair roof leaks. When all of the leaves around your home have found a landing spot, be sure to clean out your gutters in the spring. This will help rain properly drain away and avoid damage to your roof.
  • Once this is done take your hose and run water through the gutter to check for leaks. If any are found, dry the area around the leak and seal it with an exterior caulk.

Exterior Areas
In fact while you are checking the gutters and downspouts take a moment and inspect all of your areas where caulk has been used to see if it needs replaced. This is a simple process of scrapping the old caulk away and re-caulking with and exterior caulk. As we mentioned above other areas that may need investigating are window, doors, and thresholds.

This makes for a decent size handyman list; however, these maintenance tasks are well worth the effort and expense. Make the tasks a seasonal or bi-annual habit to help avoid major attacks on your pocket!

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