About Smart Locks, Doorbells, and Garage Door Openers

As you gradually move into the realm of the smart home and how to set up your ideal system, your very first priority is probably your family’s safety and security. Fortunately, technology has kept up with consumers’ needs and expectations, resulting in enhanced security options with the ultimate in convenience. Unlock your front door for the housekeeper when you’re not even home, close the garage door from a mobile app when you get to work and realize you never shut it, and even view visitors as soon as they ring your bell.

Smart lock concept with clipping path. 3D rendering image in original design.

Door Locks

Far from the old-fashioned button and digit-code versions of the past, smart locks offer a host of features designed to make life easier not only for you, but for those who may need to get into your home on occasion – like the dog walker, the maid, or the kids when they come home after school. Most models have similar functions, differing slightly in design and operating protocol. When you have your professional smart lock installation done by a ServiceLive provider, you can purchase equipment through a retailer, or through the Sears Connected Solutions Store.

The August Smart Lock is compatible with standard cylinder deadbolts (not with mortise, rim cylinder, or integrated lock and handle types). It operates via Bluetooth-enabled devices like iPhones and Android smartphones. Features include:

  • Battery power – no reliance on Wi-Fi or broadband in order to work
  • The ability to disable all virtual keys if you lose your phone
  • Interconnection with the Nest thermostat to allow for automatic temperature adjustment when you enter or exit your home
  • Compatibility with the Logitech Harmony Hub and associated devices

Track who comes and goes from your home, make virtual keys for temporary guests and lock and unlock your door, right from the smartphone app.

The OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock is another Bluetooth-enabled model with a slightly more traditional aesthetic look. Use it to create rules such as what time to let the babysitter in, and use hands-free mode to unlock your door as you draw nearer to it. Send mobile keys to family and friends, and enjoy the convenience of keeping your existing key because there’s no need to change it out upon installation.

Smart Doorbells

Ramp up your entry tech even further with the Ring Video Doorbell. It is the ideal product for those who tire of running to the door only to be met by solicitors, or for singles who want to see who is outside before unlocking the door. This handy gadget lets you see who’s at the door day or night, via infrared LEDs, and the motion sensors trigger the camera and mobile notifications as soon as there is movement on your porch.

Garage Door Openers

There’s no sense protecting your home if you can’t protect your garage too. If you’ve dreamed of garage door control through your smartphone, that day is here. You can either purchase a whole new opening system, like the Chamberlain 3/4HP MyQ, or for roughly half the price you can get a modifier for your current system, like the Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener Smartphone Control Kit. This kit allows you to replace your Craftsman control panel with a device that gives you control from your mobile device and even lets you program your door to shut a few minutes after you leave.

Professional Smart Home Installation

Not everyone has access to trustworthy expert handyman services, but when it comes time to have your smart lock, doorbell, or garage door opener installed, just contact ServiceLive and we will connect you with reliable professionals whom we’ve already vetted and background checked for your total peace of mind. The only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your new technology.



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