What Is A Smart Door Lock?

The day has finally come when you can stop worrying about losing a physical house key and having to climb through the window of your home just to get in. Smart door locks turn your mobile device into your key, allowing for virtually touch-free entry as well as the bonus of other features that are impossible with traditional door locks.

Types of Smart Locks

There are essentially two kinds of connected door locks – Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled. The most commonly available devices are Bluetooth; while it lacks some of the integrative features of WiFi-enabled smart devices, Bluetooth does not require an internet connection to operate, making it (in theory) more secure as well as reliable.

Bluetooth door locks are operated via your mobile device. WiFi-enabled locks like RemoteLock can be operated from anywhere in the world, and you receive reports when someone enters your property.

Top Picks

  • Kwikset Kevo – This lock may look traditional when it’s anything but. It operates on Bluetooth 4 and allows you just to touch the lock to open it, so long as your smartphone is nearby. You can send other people eKeys as well as use your fob or a standard key to unlock the door. One of the biggest conveniences with locks like the Kevo is that you can rekey it yourself. Who would have imagined that the day would come when consumers could rekey their locks in three steps?
  • August Smart Lock – Another lock that utilizes Bluetooth 4, the August is simple and elegant, and can be installed on your existing deadlock. Control who enters and who doesn’t, without the use of keys or codes.
  • Okidokeys Smart Lock Classic – Programmed with high-level security protocols and the ability to pick and choose when and who enters your home, the Okidokeys is an overall reliable, attractive choice that offers hands-free unlocking and installs over your existing hardware (on single-deadbolt locks).

As with all smart home gadgets you should assess the individual features of each product that are your price range and decide which priorities are must-haves and which are extraneous.

Smart Door Lock Installation

When it comes to your smart door lock installation and setup, don’t take any chances. The safety and security of your house are the most important components of your connected home environment. It must be done right, and it must work as intended or else there’s no point in installing it in the first place.

ServiceLive is a subsidiary of Sears Holdings and has access to a network of over 34,000 qualified service providers specializing in home improvements and upgrades, including smart home device installation. We can connect you with a reliable installer who will not only set up your smart home system but get it running smoothly so that all you need to do is enjoy the convenience and comfort of a connected home.

When you choose a random service provider to install your devices, you don’t know what you’re getting, and worse, you don’t know if they’ll still be there if you have problems after the installation. The Sears name has generations of reliability behind it. We screen each and every contractor before choosing them as a business we associate with, and that includes criminal and sex offender background checks.

With headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, ServiceLive has access to skilled professionals across the entire United States. Whether you buy your equipment from us in the Sears Connected Solutions Store, or from your preferred retailer, you can be sure it will be installed and serviced to the highest standards.



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  1. The latest door ‘s locks are higly secured, They protect your house from thieves. It is beautiful in design and light weight item, consult with locksmith before installing latest locks.

  2. These latest door locks are very useful for residential as well as commercial security.This is the reason these advanced locks has been chosen for security purposes.

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