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Shark Week, Discovery Channel’s staple television series since 1987 kicked off on Sunday. If you have never watched this series, I highly recommend it unless you plan on going swimming at the beach anytime soon.

We are mid-way through the summer of 2013 and it’s time to finish up some exterior home repairs and or improvements. Here’s a list of things that you should consider inspecting to see if the opportunity for repairs and or improvements are warranted.

  • Gutters and Downspouts: Have you checked for leaks or downspouts not moving water away from your home effectively?
  • Roof: Check for missing or cracked shingles and get your roof repaired by an expert roofing contractor.
  • Driveway: Check for cracks which can lead to bigger issues and get your driveway sealed correctly by a paving contractor.
  • Dryer Vent: Check for blockage and any other debris. Also make sure the dryer vent cover is in place and secure to prevent animals from setting up shop.
  • Foundations: Check for cracks and water build up around your foundation.
  • Trees: Check for branches that are close or leaning against wires and your home. Hire a professional tree trimming contractor.
  • Outside Faucets: Check for leaks which could lead to structural issues and costly repairs.
  • Chimney: Make sure chimney has a screen at the top to prevent birds and other animals from nesting inside your chimney.
  • Sprinkler Heads: Check for broken, stuck or missing sprinkler heads.

Do you have a tip you would like to share with other homeowners? Please leave us a comment.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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  1. Great suggestions! I can’t agree more with checking the Dryer Vent, especially if everyone is like me and has more laundry as the weather gets colder (meaning the dryer is run more often).

    One item on my to-do list before the leaves begin to fall is to trim a few branches on my trees. I want to be able to see how the branches are currently laying with the leaves on so that I can be sure I’m trimming the ones that are the most problematic.

  2. Matt,

    Thanks to Barry for mentioning the dryer vent. I noticed our shutter is not closing so a quick call should get it fixed.

  3. Any time Frank. Our dryer went out about two weeks ago and we are waiting on a part. I took this opportunity to rent a dry from a local company and while the dryer was being installed I cleaner out the dryer duct work.

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