How Not to Remove Tree Stumps

When I was a kid my dad needed to remove an old tree stump on the side of our house. The only problem with dad was his planning. Instead of digging and removing the earth around the stump, my dad had other plans.

My dad was all about getting it down fast and cheap, but his ways proved otherwise. I would never tell him what to do or I would get the back hand. I was in the front yard and dad was making some ruckus in the garage and I had to see what he was doing. There was my dad in the garage connecting two thick chains together, and no not with duck tape, but with locks.

I asked dad what he was doing and he said “mind your business.” That seemed like a normal response, but the fun was about to begin and I sure was not going to miss another one of my dad’s DIY disasters. Dad climbed in his 1970 Cadillac and drove around to the side of the house and backed the car up close to the stump. Here we go!

Dad tied one end of the chain around the stump and the other to the hitch on the bumper. Can you visualize what happens next? My dad tore the bumper (and muffler) right off the car and I laughed so hard, but of course out of sight. My dad wasn’t finished … he then tied the chain around the axle and pulled again, but this time the tree stump came free.

Even though the bumper came off dad’s car, he was still happy about removing the stump.

This is not how you remove stumps! It’s best to hire a home services professional.

That’s my dad for you!

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