Tips to Prepare Your Home or Office for Winter

With autumn in full swing and winter quickly approaching, you may want to consider preparing your home or office for the changing of the seasons.

To get you started, we here at ServiceLive put together the following list of tips to help you weather the cold winter… inside and out.

Heat Loss

Together all the small cracks and holes around the outside of an average home or office equal the area of an open window! To reduce the loss of heat, repair outside wall gapes with caulk or weather-strip where needed. Doing so will not only keep your place warm but reduce energy bills!

Key Places to Check for Heat Leaks

  • Around door and window frames & exterior openings including electrical outlets
  • Inspect units for heating & cooling services
  • The seal around room air conditioners
  • At corners formed by siding
  • Openings around drain pipes in bathrooms and kitchens

Be sure to have a home repair handyman check your air ducts as well. Furnace and vent cleaning services will not only save energy but may avoid having to repair thermostat in the dead of winter.

Roof Leaks

Check your roof for signs of minor damage and bare spots. Be sure to replace shingles now to prevent further damage and costly roof resurfacing later. When moisture is able to seep up and under loose or damaged shingles you may find yourself needing to repair roof leaks when accumulated snow and ice begin to melt. For extensive roof repairs, consider having a handyman roofing professional perform the work.

Water Leaks

Dirty gutters can be like a clogged kitchen sink during the winter months. Similar to frozen pipes, ice build-up in gutters and downspouts may result in flooded basements and damage to foundation and landscaping. Just as you would fix pipe leaks before a disaster occurs, be certain to take the same preventative maintenance with your gutters. To clean, simply remove leaves and debris allowing water to drain properly.  Install gutter guards to prevent reoccurring building up.

While most of these preventative maintenance tasks are fairly simple, make sure they get done before cold weather arrives to prevent expensive damage and unnecessary handyman home or office repairs.

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