Now That You’ve Purchased That New Appliance… What You Should Do Next

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  1. Dave says:

    Kick the Tires- is a brilliant strategy. You need to know the appliance you bought.

  2. Showthai says:

    SDN, that’s probably a good deal for most pepole. For me, probably not. I replaced both of my heat pumps at the same time (first one went out and I ran on the second unit until it died about two months later) for less than $2000. Ordered the units off the internet at about $800 each plus a couple hundred for the freight, add some freon, and pretso cold air and heat. They lasted about 15 years which is the norm. I could have gone even cheaper and just replaced the compressor, but what the hell. I also moved them from the back of the house where the new deck extension goes, to the side of the house. It would be hard for me to justify the $500 in most years since I can fix things cheaply. Most of the time my wife will wait, or one of the boys will come over and patch it up until I get home. Well, unless she just wants some new stuff, in which case the insurance aint going to help

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