Kitchen Remodel Using VR and Kitchen Visualizer

You’re getting ready to remodel your dream kitchen and you selected a reputable designer and contractor. Let’s say you have a floor plan in mind and an idea that all the components you picked will flow nicely and the end result will be your dream kitchen. But until you’re actually standing in your kitchen, it’s impossible to know for sure that the new remodel works for you and unfortunately by that time it could be too late and a waste of time and money. The latest technology using virtual reality, which lets you experience your new remodeled kitchen before the contractor starts swinging a hammer.

Today, you can remodel your kitchen using the latest VR technology (Virtual Reality) with Kitchen Visualizer and see your changes in real time before your very eyes.  I recently experienced a demo remodeling a kitchen using VR technology and I was so amazed how realistic my new kitchen looked and how I was able to teleport inside the kitchen and move around and make various selections with a click of a button. You can get up close and actually pick up and hold a cabinet door to see the wood grain and design just inches away. Taking your dream kitchen from virtual reality to realty is the new way in home improvement!

Here are some of the many choices you can make remodeling your kitchen;

  1. Select from 4 kitchen layouts
  2. Cabinet design and material
  3. Door handles (big, small, modern)
  4. Counter tops (bright, dark, colors)
  5. Choose a beveled edge for your counter tops
  6. Select from 17 different back splashes
  7. Select your flooring (wood, laminate, resilient, tile, etc.)
  8. Choose a wall color (warm colors that are richer or muted colors)

The use of VR technology provides a first-hand look of what the finish product will look like. This is a win-win for any homeowner as there are no surprises or misunderstandings. Sears Home Improvement is testing this new technology with kitchen remodels and it should be available to the public late spring 2017.

The future of Home Improvement is changing quickly and in the very near future you will be able to use VR technology to remodel every room in your home even elements outside the home like your roof, windows and doors. The possibilities using VR for Home Improvement are endless.

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