Is This House Really Haunted?

This is not your typical home improvement horror story. Not all homes come with ghouls and ghosts, but if you wanted a home fully furnished with just that, you could be in for a short stay. We have heard the tales of ghostly stories and the horror that led one family to leave the home that was made famous back in 1977 after the 1975 murders of a family. The home, Amityville horror located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, NY on the south shore of Long Island.

I lived several blocks away and I it seemed that this house went through many home improvements. But what is more amazing is how popular the house is still today. The haunted house known by many has been Amityville’s main attraction and staple in the community. It has gone through many changes that included major renovations and many different paint schemes.

The Amityville Horror house was empty for 13 months after the DeFeo murders where husband and wife and their four children were murdered in cold blood by their 23-year-old son, Ronald DeFeo, in the middle of the night. Most people don’t know this part of the story unless you lived in the town, but Ron Defeo ran to a local bar on Merrick road in Amityville to tell a friend what he had just done. The Amityville Horror story didn’t begin until the Lutz family moved in 13 months after the murders. Daniel Lutz, who was a 10-year-old boy on January 14, 1976 when the family fled the home at 112 Ocean Avenue and he still insists to this day that the family was menaced by spirits in the home because his father George had been involved with Satanism and magic even before they moved to into the quiet suburban neighborhood.

The Amityville horror was a story and no more, and became the bestselling 1977 book and the 1979 film. I was lucky to know a guy who did many of the home repairs and renovations and he never once experienced any spirits or ghostly phenomenon’s when he worked in and around the home many times over several years.

The story still lives and now after 37 years, Daniel Lutz breaks his silence about his experience in the haunted home, a new documentary by filmmaker Eric Walter title My Amityville Horror.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    My house is haunted by a guy named Murphy. Seem everytime I work on a project Murphy’s Law (if things can go wrong they will go wrong) applies!

  2. Frank Jovine says:

    I had that guy stick around a few times, but as long as I don’t try anything new he pretty much stays away 🙂

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