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Instead of writing a typical blog today, I thought I would ask a question instead. From an outdoor living perspective, do fences make better or worse neighbors?

From my perspective, I would say they make better neighbors and here is why. I grew up in South Florida and everyone had some type of fence. Most of the time, it was a 6-foot shadow box fence; which meant, no one (unless they were very tall) could see in your backyard.  What I liked most about this type of fence is that if you wanted to sit in your backyard and enjoy the outdoors you could do so in privacy without having your neighbors watching or engaging you in random conversations. Unfortunately, when we moved to Illinois, our house did not have a fence. In fact, many of the houses in the neighborhood do not have fences. To say the least, I find it difficult to adjust and here is why.

My neighbors have a large family and play a Midwestern game called bag’s (a game that is similar to horseshoes, but played with small bags that are thrown towards a wooden box with a hole in the top) between our houses. When the weather is nice we like to sit outside and enjoy our landscaped yard by having a glass of wine or a nice dinner. Unfortunately, my neighbors like to play bags for hours on end. So when this occurs we are left with either sitting outside watching their activities, or feeling like we are in a fishbowl ourselves.

To make matters even worse, our house is on a wide property and his is on a narrower property, which means that when they are playing bags they are also in our yard. Under most circumstances, this would not bother me; however, as a result of playing bags for hours they trample down the grass and over time create large areas where there is no longer any grass just areas of dirt. We find this particular annoying because we have a well-maintained yard. Unfortunately, this is not the only issue that we have to endure… at least until we have a fence put in this spring.

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  1. I’m a big fan of fences and like Barry I think they enhance the “neighbor” experience. My dog stays in my yard and more imporntatly my neighbors dog cannot get into my yard. With a good privacy fence in your backyard you also eliminate any irretation with seeing weeds in your neighbors back yard or the mess they may have (I once lived next to guy who thought is backyard was a storage area for all his construction equipment… I liked the guy but his junk drove me crazy. The fence was something in my control that I could do and now I enjoy sitting in my backyard and my neighbor can continue to pile stuff up behind/next to his garage and it doesn’t bug me. You see, fences can make good neighbors.

  2. Ok I have to write a essay on is the grass greener on the other side of the fence .And I want to know is it really greener on the other side of the fence

  3. That all depends how your neighbor keeps up with their lawn 🙂

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