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Who didn’t like smashing and busting things up when you were a kid? I know I did. When I was a kid and a neighbor was doing some home improvement project he would call on the kids in the neighborhood. Our neighbor would let us smash walls with a hammer and carry out the busted up dry wall. We could break things and never get in trouble for it, what a concept using the neighborhood kids for demolition work.

Now that most of us have children of our own why not let them get a couple of swings in? It’s only fair. It’s time to pass the torch! My friend Susan’s son Ethan gets in on the bathroom demolition and this kid is just elated to take a swing or two, check out his reaction, it’s priceless!

Susan and her husband David are doing their part in saving money by doing some of the demolition work in preparation for the bathroom remodel.

It’s important when attempting to do any demolition work that you wear safety goggles and proper clothing to protect yourself from flying debris. It’s also as important to know what’s behind a wall before taking your best swing at it. Your demolition could turn into a bigger disaster if you spring a leak with one swing.

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