How to Repair Scratches on a Hardwood Floor

Anytime you get a scratch on a highly prized item, it’s an eyesore and one that will stand out every time you walk across that area of the floor.  Fret not, getting rid of the scratch can be pretty painless with the right materials.  Let’s begin shall we?

Step 1. Identify how deep the scratches are.  You will need to vary your solution depending on the depth of the scratches.  The lighter scratches can be repaired gently rubbing the area with steel wool along the grain of the wood.  However, deeper scratches will require rubbing a lightweight sand paper along the grain of the wood.

Step 2. Rely on the holy spirits to get you through.  Not exactly, next rub some mineral spirits over the affected area for added smoothness and to help gather the dust from the sanding process.

Step 3.  Grab your putty knife and some premixed wood filler.  Using the putty knife, work the wood filler into the surface and let the filler dry.  Be sure to use a plastic putty knife to avoid adding any further damage to the wood that a metal putty knife can cause.

Step 4.  Sand the excess filler with lightweight sandpaper.

Step 5.  Seal the sanded area with a varnish or similar product in a similar color as the rest of your floor.  Just like that you have averted a tragedy and probably saved a little money in the process.

Important: Be sure to use a lamb’s wool applicator or natural bristle brush to apply the sealer.

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