How to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Want to be the host for the holiday party this year, but have a small space for entertaining? There are a number of things you can do to make your small room (living, kitchen or bath) feel larger than it really is. Try some or all of the following:

  • Avoid heavily graphic and vivid wallpaper (or just get rid of it) 😛
  • Stay clear of intense or dark paints
  • Add more natural light – remove heavy drapes and keep your windows visible
  • Add artificial light – install light fixtures like sconces or tall lights that don’t have to go on tables
  • Hang mirrors around your place
  • Diagonally lay tile if you’re planning to tile your floors
  • Less is more: keep the amount of trinkets and decorations to a minimum
  • Don’t overdo it on furniture – if you need to, put some of your items in the closet or bedroom – people like to mingle at parties… keep them moving and open up more space

So paint the walls something light and neutral, remove bathroom and living room wallpaper, mount your plasma TV to the wall, and get a reliable handyman to help you out.

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