How to Install 2 Types of Insulation in Your Attic

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  1. Barry says:

    Great article Chris. Having installed insulation before in Florida, it is import to make sure that you select the correct type of insulation. There are a few factors to consider when making the selection. First the amount of space in the attic, second, the bulk density of the insulation or R-Value, and finally the ease of access that you have to the attic area.

    Knowing how much space you have in the attic will help you determine the cost of the job ahead. Depending on the type of material selected the cost can increase.
    Normally the cost can range from as little as $1.00 to $5.00 per square foot depending on where you live. If you want an accurate quote, contact a local provider and have them give you an estimate.

    R-value is the insulation density and thickness, which will determine the amount of thermal resistance. Keep in mind that your local and state regulations may require a certain R-value so check before you get started.

    Now that you have check with you local government, you will need to determine the R-value of your existing insulation. To do this, measure the depth of the insulation in your attic and determine the type of insulation used. If your not sure, go to the local hardware store and ask one the employees in that section to help you. For example, loose-file insulation has an R-value of 2.8 per inch; fiberglass loose fill has an R-value of 3.7 per inch; and, cellulose has an R-value of 3.7 per inch. Generally, all fiberglass batt will have an R-value of 3.2 per inch of thickness.

    Now for the day that your math teacher warned you about where you would need math. To determine the existing R-value in your attic, multiple the insulation thickness by the R-value of the material used. Therefore, if you have 10 inches of Fiberglass loose multiply 10 x 2.5 and you have an R-value 25.

    Not all attics are alike! Depending on the type of access and materials used you may require the assistance of a friend or neighbor to get the job done.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information on these 2 types of insulation we can use in the attic. My wife and I have lived in our new home for about 6 months and I have been wondering what we should do with our attic. We would like to store some things up there, but it gets too hot in the summer time. This is why we think it would be great to get it insulated. I think I will go with batt insulation because it is usually installed after the flooring, like you said. Thanks again!

  3. Raj says:

    A very useful insightful post shared. Attic insulation will really helps during winter and summer. Thanks for sharing these two types.

  4. leeshin says:

    insulation itself a biggest task and that cannot be done as DIY. doing double insulation is still more difficult and contacting the insulation contractors is always the wise choice

  5. Kody Loveless says:

    Thanks for the great advice. I really like the idea of marking the beams at the level you want the insulation to be. I can see how that would help it all look very nice and uninformed. I like when things look uninformed.

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