How to Inspect for Roof Leaks

Hoping to avoid the need to repair roof leaks? Finding the source of potential trouble spots for roof leaks can be tricky. The weather, gravity, angle of your roof, and what you ate for breakfast (just kidding) can all impact the location and likelihood of roof leaks.

To aid in prevention, below are some ways you should investigate. Roofs are dangerous places to hang out, so we encourage you to hire a roofing contractor or roof resurfacing professional to help you out.

The Shingle Hunt

Seal exposed nails!

Start at the source. This is the most obvious issue when it comes to roof leaks and prevention. If you don’t have an asphalt roof, leave it to a pro to investigate slate, shake, concrete or clay roofs.  Keep an eye out for discolored cracks, loose, broken, raised, or bent shingles, pulled-out nails, and any other damage.

Question the Obvious

When shingle damage doesn’t explain everything, move on to inspect the parts of the roof most likely to spring a leak:

Seal around plumbing vents!

  • Plumbing and furnace vents
  • Chimneys
  • Roof valleys
  • Skylights
  • Ice dams
  • Seams where shingles meet flashing, framing, or masonry
  • Satellite dishes and antennas
  • Ridge vents

Simulate a Rainstorm

Using a water hose, you can systematically test each section of roof to try to find out where the water is coming from. Be careful! Wet shingles are very slick.

Prior to testing, be sure to:

  • Seal joints on ridge vents
  • Patch damaged shingles

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3 Responses

  1. Shahroz says:

    What about roofing flashing material?

  2. A leaky roof can cause extensive damage to your home and to your belongings and result in expensive repair costs. You can prevent leaks and minimize damages by inspecting your roof twice a year — early spring and late fall. The goal is to identify and treat minor problems before water damage is visible in your home.

  3. It is better to inspect your roof regularly and I also agree that sometimes Plumbing and furnace vents is cause of roof leaks and I have experienced that before.

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