How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

If you’ve ever heard horror stories of bedbugs, then you may know through the experiences of others that these pests can be nearly impossible to get rid of. They can show up anywhere, despite their name – they are not limited to beds. Any place with fabric, including restaurant linens, retail stores that sell clothing, or movie theater seats can spread bedbugs. You could unknowingly bring them home after a day out, and once they arrive in your home, they are practiced at surviving through pest control methods. However, here are a few methods you can follow to get rid of bedbugs.

Method #1

The first method is the gentlest, and can be utilized if you happen to catch a bedbug infestation before it has a chance to develop too far. Remove the mattress and bedding from your bed frame, and isolate all of your bed linens in trash bags while you continue with the next steps. One by one, place your bedding into the dryer on high heat for about half an hour. This kills bugs and their eggs so they can’t keep thriving. Then – and this is the hardest part for many homeowners – you must throw out your bedding. Don’t throw it out without the dryer step; bugs can easily migrate back into your house from the trash.

Next, you need to vacuum your bed frame, the baseboards around the bed, and all the furniture that is nearby. Be sure you empty your vacuum trappings into a plastic bag that is sealed and toss. Use a natural pesticide like bedbug dust, on your mattress, and under the bed to protect against any eggs that may have survived.

Method #2

If washing didn’t get rid of your bedbug problem, you can also try the trap and starve method. Through this process, you’ll place traps under your bed posts that capture bugs as they travel onto your bed to feast on their one and only food source – you. Bedbugs live on blood, so you’ll need to place the traps near the sleeping area of any sleeping creature, such as pets.

Once you have trapped the bugs, you have to be sure to dispose of them properly. One misstep, and you could spread them to even more of your home. Place the entire trap in a sealed plastic bag before getting rid of the trap. Unfortunately, going through several washing, vacuuming, and trapping cycles are usually all a homeowner can do until the bedbugs are finally eliminated. 

Prevention Works Best

Of course, the best way to get rid of bedbugs is not to get them in the first place. Anytime you are traveling, be careful to check your luggage before bringing it inside. Make it a rule that you must vacuum your luggage and any other items that are not washed. Take clothes to the laundromat instead of cleaning at home to prevent bedbugs from entering the home, and be sure you inspect all the cuffs, seams, and folds of luggage and clothes. Bedbugs are tiny and nearly invisible if you aren’t looking carefully.

Professional cleaning may be a final option to consider if you just can’t get rid of the infestation through your own efforts. This may include having to leave your house while it is thoroughly gassed for a few days. Whatever option you choose, know that it isn’t entirely hopeless. Bedbugs are resilient, yes, and can leave itchy or painful bites on your skin. But they are rarely, if ever, life-threatening. With a little determination and attention to detail, you’ll be able to put the memory of bedbugs far behind you.


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