How Not To Choose a Service Contractor

Give the wheel a spin! Round and round she goes, what kind of service you’ll get – NOBODY KNOWS.

This is not how you pick a service contractor, but this is how some people do. Many of us are burning the candle at both ends and when disaster strikes, we react immediately.  We search through the Yellow Pages or maybe Craigslist to find a Plumber. The problem with not knowing a reputable Plumber is you don’t know what type of service you’ll get and you don’t know who you’re letting in your home. The person could be a crazy lunatic or predator, you never know.

Home Repair scams continue to be a major problem according to the website. These scams are staged professionally to fool you into thinking they’re legitimate businesses. During the summer alone the government reported two ongoing scams relating to Home Repairs. One scam was about “summer slamming,” which refers to alarm companies that hit the streets to target homeowners with alarms.  The other scam was about bed bug treatment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that an increasing number of marketers are making unrealistic claims about their abilities to control or eradicate bed bugs.

No matter what the urgency is, you can still find a reputable service contractor when you need one fast. Many homeowners don’t know a guy, but ServiceLive does, in fact we know thousands! The next time you’re in need of services, give ServiceLive a try.

Be a smart shopper and avoid being a victim of a home repair scam!

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