How Do Airbnb Hosts Handle Their Property Maintenance?

The Airbnb platform has made it amazingly easy for property owners to monetize real estate holdings of different kinds. As a result, from urban apartments and homes to rural cabins and other properties, it is now a simple thing to take some photos, write a good description, and get a listing on the site. But, how do Airbnb hosts handle property maintenance and repairs from afar?

Airbnb ensures that anyone looking for a weekend getaway or a short-term rental will have lots of great options. In addition, it also makes it super easy for those with extra space to rent out their place. No costly marketing, no difficulties finding interested clients, and all kinds of tools and resources to help generate income from your spare room or 2nd home.

The Airbnb platform allows the host and renter to manage the entire transaction directly through the app. As an example, a property owner can send a code for a home’s electronic locks through the Airbnb app — allowing owners to manage that element of renting from almost anywhere.

Why Do Hosts Need A Maintenance and Repair Strategy?

Keeping an Airbnb property in good working order is not entirely effortless. After all, those Airbnb properties have to be meticulously maintained to get good feedback and reviews as well as ongoing rentals and clientele. Therefore, hat means having a good property maintenance and repair strategy that includes:

  • Cleaning fully between rentals
  • Ensuring that all drives, garages and entries are safe and functional
  • Maintaining the building or space, which can include small repairs to much more significant issues (including appliance maintenance, upgrades and more)

Some hosts choose to use turnkey property management companies to look after their Airbnb property maintenace and repairs, but that can erode profitability. As an alternative, it can be more cost-effective to utilize a work management solution for maintenance and repair, including appliance repair for rental properties and handyman services for rental properties.

Handyman Services for Airbnb Rental Property Maintenance

Many owners book handyman service professionals to take care of maintenance and repairs for rental properties through online home service portals. Using these solutions, they can schedule essential maintenance and repairs (like drywall repair or appliance repair) online.

Cleaning Services for Airbnb Rental Property

In addition to finding reliable and consistent providers of comprehensive home repair and maintenance services, many Airbnb hosts turn to experts in cleaning services for rental properties. They can schedule thorough cleaning between renters. As an example, an Airbnb host may welcome pets, but that can mean that carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning becomes necessary regularly. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to have on-demand home services when needed.

For Those Considering Hosting Via Airbnb

In conclusion, if you are considering renting your summer retreat or thinking of investing in a rental or two, you don’t have to live nearby to make it happen. has both handyman services for Airbnb rental property maintenance and cleaning services for rental properties which can help you keep your listing in tip-top shape. At ServiceLive, you can book appointments for almost any of the property maintenance, cleaning, and repair work needed for your rental home.

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