Homeowner Tips to Survive the Holidays

‘Tis the season for frustration and we’re pretty sure others would also agree. As fun as the holidays may turn out to be, getting ready for them is a completely different experience. Planning is a great way to organize the chaos, but between shopping, cleaning, decorating, traveling, etc. even planning can add to the frustration. If your holiday tradition is to spend time away with relatives and all you have to do is bring gifts, than consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, ensuring guests will like our gifts is just part of it. Rather the pressure to ensure that spending the holidays in your home is an enjoyable experience for all is equally important if not more.

So how do you satisfy everyone’s expectations? Well you can’t, but if you know your family well enough (and trust us you will if this isn’t your first time having them over for the holidays) you probably have a good idea of what they’ll be expecting.

For instance, a clogged kitchen sink is definitely something most mother-in-laws will notice. Clean out drains prior to her visit to avoid extra steam in the kitchen. Also if most of the cooking will be done at your home, be sure to clean your oven before hand and if it’s not working, hire an appliance repairman fast! While the kitchen may be your mother-in-laws domain, the living room is that of your father-in-law. If he misses his post-dinner nap in front of the television because the TV is not working, you better make sure to get your TV repaired or you will be dealing with a cranky old man and that can make things even more frustrating. Take preventative measures to ensure everything is in working order before the in-laws arrive.

Likewise no matter how fancy your lighting display, father-in laws will be judging you on electrical expertise. Faulty wiring will not score you any points. Additionally while hearing may go with age, your father in law will have a sharp eye for detecting anything that leaks. Inspecting pipes and toilets, before your father-in-law does could save you from a lecture. Don’t forget to inspect your home’s exterior as well; roof leaks can easily ruin a white Christmas.

Torn carpet and loose doorknobs are other little nuisances guests will likely notice. Be sure to fix carpet holes in advance – and if guests will be staying over night perform necessary bathtub repairs as well.

If your home could qualify for a feature on “Hoarders”,  little details are probably the least of your worries! Perhaps consider assembling an outdoor shed for extra storage space, then consider hiring professional cleaning services to apply the finishing touches.

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