Home Upgrades with Your Tax Return

April 15 is rapidly approaching and the pressure is one to get our tax returns completed and mailed or submitted to the IRS. For many, this will be a sad day as they write out checks to the IRS to cover any missing taxes that they did not hold out during the year. However, for those of us who have filed our tax return prior to the April 15 deadline some of us will be getting a refund. One way that I have traditionally spent that money is on home improvement projects around the house.

Of course, the next big question is where to start? We are inundated with home improvement shows and great ideas from our friends and families on what we should do and when we should do it. However, since we are the ones that have to live with our decisions it is important to have a couple of ideas on where to start.

For those who need some ideas on how to go about their home improvement project, here is a list of upgrades that you can focus on to enhance your home.

Paint Your Home

Even though it may look pricey at a glance, painting your home isn’t really going to cost you a lot. All you have to invest in is a good roller, paint and you’re good to go. Of course, depending on how much you got from your tax return, you could have a contractor do the job for you to save you the effort of doing the work yourself. Regardless of what you choose though, the great thing about painting is that once it’s done, your home will look new again.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

Over time, your faucets, sinks, and even your toilets will start to show signs of wear. Aside from corrosion, prolonged use will eventually take the shine and luster that once made these items look beautiful. By replacing old and worn-out bathroom fixtures, you’ll be able to enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

Fix Your Yard

Always remember that one of the first things people see in your home is your yard so it’s important to keep it looking good at all times. Now fixing your yard doesn’t mean you have to put up a fence or add some expensive decoration. You can simply remove any weeds, mowing your grass every week, or add some new plants and flowers to your existing landscape areas around your home. These cost-effective solutions to the exterior of your home will go far to enhance the look of your yard and the admiration of your neighbors.

Do Some Kitchen Repairs

Just like your bathroom, your home’s kitchen fixtures like your drawers, cabinets, and shelves are bound to be affected by wear and tear after years of use. One way to revive their appearance is by stripping them of their old finish and refinishing or painting them. You could also replace their handles with newer ones to enhance the way they look.

Add Insulation

Since April will likely be devoid of snow for most people across the U.S., replacing your home’s old insulation is something you may consider doing once you get your tax return. Having new insulation installed in your home will help keep things cool for you, especially when the summer season kicks into high gear. It will also help trim down your energy bills, allowing you to save more for other important items you may need in your home.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Great idea to use some of your tax refund (assuming you’re getting one) to help fund some small projects around the house.

  2. Mark says:

    I’d recommend folks also consider what they may be able to leverage with various Energy Efficiency Rebates (e.g. Nicor Gas, Federal Government). Presently, if you buy and have installed what is classified as an “Energy Efficient” Gas Hot Water Heater, you may be eligible for up to a $300 rebate from Nicor Gas. Also, if you meet the requirements for a certain level of Energy Efficient Windows, I believe you may also be eligible for a small rebate (i.e. the amount will vary based on the square footage of what you have installed) from the Federal Government. These days, with the negative impact of higher taxes and higher prices for many goods and services, these “savings” may help you to both “Go Green” and to also you live within your household budget.

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