Home Improvement Bathrooms: The Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a smaller, more affordable home remodeling project that can have a great impact on your home. You can update worn fixtures, add new cabinetry and storage, and create a relaxing haven with a jetted tub or skylight. Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home but tends to get the most visitors. Fortunately, due to the small space of most bathrooms—it can be one of the most cost-effective rooms in your home to improve.

Other options to improve your bathroom space, with the goal of a relaxing environment include:

  • A one-day acrylic bath system remodel
  • Install a showerhead and the addition of a separate shower structure
  • Improved lighting
  • New tile, hardwood, laminate, granite or ceramic flooring
  • Updated countertop and replace the sink
  • Customized design touches such as accent mirrors, hardware, and wall color change (get rid of outdated wallpaper!)

Some popular bathroom design trends include using a combination of materials for your hardware, sink, backsplashes and tiles–such as chrome, marble, glass, and wood.  As far as wall colors for bathrooms–white is always popular, but a lot of homeowners are using natural colors and even edgier colors such as rust and terra cotta.

You have many options when remodeling your bathroom! Once you’re done you will have a more functional and relaxing room that will provide daily comfort to you and your family as well as potentially increasing the value of your home. If you’re hesitant try a home remodel, start with the smallest room and see what a huge difference it can make your entire home!

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