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Today, woman can do many home repairs just like the men, but without all the testosterone. In common terms we refer to handyman as the guy who can fix it all. It’s time to close the gap and turn the page to a new chapter and introduce you to a new term, the handywoman!

She is talented, she is skilled, and she doesn’t have the crack of her butt showing. She wears the tool belt well and can sling a hammer with the best.

If you ever look through a handyman list and you spot a handywoman, why not hire her to see what she can do to help you check things off your to-do list. Let’s consider some known facts about our moms:

– Moms make most decisions
– Moms can cook
– Moms are caring
– Moms are gentle
– Moms have careers
– Moms are everything we love

We live in a world that is now becoming more about her and it’s about time. Have you ever hired a lady to do a man’s job? I bet you she can paint the walls and paint the ceiling with the best of them.

While recognizing the term handyman as “sexist,” there should be a handywoman category! To every woman out there who can fix things around the home or fix a car, kudos to you for breaking the sexist stereotype.

Disclaimer: I didn’t write this to get out of the dog house.

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  1. I believe that the best person should be hired regardless of gender all things remaining equal. If a women possesses the knowledge that is required to do a specific job she should be given the opportunity.

  2. I agree Barry. Like the article suggests as well.

  3. To add to comments above, I have remodeled my house myself including installing kitchen cabinets, floor and wall ceramic tile, installed kitchen appliances after rough in, installed toliets, stained and miter cut and installed oak trim in entire house, installed dropped ceiling in basement, and much more. I would say that classifies as a “Handywoman”. This is not the job I even do for a living. Hmm, maybe I should consider that!

  4. Mothers do have a lot of skills to bring to the table. I am grateful for all mothers and gladly welcome them to the handywomen team.

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