Going Beyond a Simple Thank You

The one thing I have learned is to never take anything for granted. Giving someone thanks is a kind gesture, but it must be sincere. A simple thank you is great, but what other steps could you take to really express your appreciation?

You’re a Service Contractor and you just completed a service call for a customer. The customer is thankful because you responded quickly and the repair was done professionally. You thank the customer for the opportunity, and extend an offer if they should need any other handyman services to please have ServiceLive contact you.

Going beyond a simple thank you can put you in a winning situation with customers that you performed services for in the past. A good practice would be a card sent to the customer with a message such as;

“Hello Mrs. Jones, Thank you for the opportunity to fix your leak in the bathroom. If there are any opportunities in the future please contact me. I look forward to assisting you in all your handyman services.”

Wow! What a concept, a follow up card giving thanks and reassurance. By going beyond a simple thank you, could bring you more opportunity not only from that customer, but also through contacts of their friends or family.

Thank you Card – $2.80
Stamp – .45 cents
A Customer for Life – Priceless

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  1. My mother instilled in me the importance of sending thank you cards as a kid. Going beyond is the Hand Written thank you card, given today’s technology it is easy to write up a quick draft in Word save it; change the name for said customer, sign, seal and deliver. A handwritten thank you card shows you have taken the time to show your appreciation plus it adds a personal touch.

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