Finding Contractors in New York a Tough Task

The aftermath of storm Sandy that hit the south shore of Long Island with a divesting punch has forced many homeowners to relocate. The recovery has been slow and homeowners who have received their insurance money for repairs are dealing with another problem, finding contractors to do the repairs.

I spoke to my sister yesterday who lives in Long Beach the hardest hit area on Long Island and she advised that contractors are showing up and giving estimates but are not returning to do the repairs. Contractors throughout New York are overwhelmed and are cherry picking the higher price jobs which is leaving many homeowners out in the cold. My sister’s friend has a significant amount of water damage and needs dry wall and flooring repairs estimated at twenty thousand dollars to restore her home. She has had several contractors show up and never return.

I called a close friend of mine who also lives on the south shore and he has been waiting a few weeks just to get someone to survey the damage and provide an estimate.

I lived on Long Island for over 30 years and I know it like the back of my hand. There’s little or no protection from high seas as must of the sand bars and barriers have been eroding over the years leaving no protection to shoreline properties. Long Beach is right on the Atlantic Ocean with no shield to keep high seas out of harm’s way, this includes Atlantic Beach as well.

It is heart wrenching to see the devastation and what’s more troubling is that the people who live in the middle of the island have no idea how bad it is on the south shore of Long Island. They think everything is back to normal only because they’re far enough away from the bay and ocean.

Homeowners should search for contractors outside the Long Island and New Jersey areas where Sandy had little or no effect. This may be a little more costly, but it’s better than paying for relocation costs and leaving your home exposed to water damage, erosion and mold.

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