Electrical Contractors and Licensing

When choosing an electrical contractor to do basement electrical wiring , it’s best to always hire someone who has the proper credentials to do the work.

There are many electrician jobs available for license electricians that are commercial type jobs, but these opportunities require licenses and insurances. I am sure some contractors may perform work that they’re not licensed for and this can be a painful experience for both the customer and contractor.

Always ask for proof of license and insurance (General Liability). The insurance is very important in the event something goes wrong, the GL will cover costs for any wrong doing.

There are many types of electrical licenses and you can get detailed information on the different levels of licenses by clicking on the link below.

Electrical Contractor Licensing Information by state

There are some states that don’t have licensing at the state level; you will need to check with local jurisdictions.

If you are a license electrician, jobs are available through ServiceLive.com.

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