Why ecobee Is An Investment That Will Save You Money

The price of the ecobee thermostat may seem like a hurdle. However, the fact is that it is so smart it will help you save money, so hopefully you will get over its price and realize that it is quite a worthwhile in a smart home setup. It can do things like determining if you are not at home or figuring out the amount of time it takes to cool and heat your house, which is the reason it is so energy efficient.

In merely 2 years or so, this thermostat will help you save enough that it will pay for itself, and beyond that, you will be able to spend the savings elsewhere. If you are still wondering why ecobee3 is an investment that will help you save money, then here is an overview of its energy-efficient features.

1. Daily Schedules With the ecobee,

Comfort settings, namely “Away,” “Home” and “Sleep,” can be set. You can even add these settings in order to set daily schedules and on and off times can be set by scrolling. More can be added by hitting the plus sign. The ease and intuitiveness of setting daily schedules is one of the foremost ways this smart WiFi thermostat will help you save money on cooling and heating.

2. Mobile App

While it must be obvious by now that the ecobee can be linked to a Wi-Fi network, it can also be controlled via a smartphone app. Using the app, you will be able to control this thermostat from just about anywhere within your house from virtually any smart device, whether a smartphone or a tablet. So, if you feel the temperature is cool enough or is getting chilled in the middle of the night, just a few taps will enable you to turn up the temperature or turn off the cooling to save energy.

3. House-Related Information

Since the ecobee3 will have to be set up online, information about one’s house can also be entered. This smart thermostat will be able to make intelligent, energy-efficient and money-saving cooling and heating decisions if you input age, size, number of people living in and type of house in which it is installed.

4. Remote Sensors

Up to 32 remote sensors can be paired up with this smart WiFi thermostat and can be set to override your schedule. It is even better if its Follow Me feature is enabled and the remote sensors are placed in optimal, high traffic locations. As a result, this thermostat will control the cooling and heating based on which rooms in your house are occupied and vacant, and whether or not anyone is at home, so energy will be saved.

5. Smart Recovery

Over the course of using the ecobee, this smart thermostat will figure out the amount of time in which your house reaches the temperature you prefer. Moreover, the effects of weather and the performance of your equipment will also be taken into account in order to regulate the indoor temperature accordingly.


So, it is obvious that the ecobee3 is definitely a very smart thermostat, and the above is merely a gist of its intelligent, energy-efficient features. You can imagine how much you can save if you invest in this smart WiFi thermostat and use it to its full potential. Always get a professional to install your ecobee to make it run as smoothly as possible.

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