Don’t Use Dinosaur Methods to Find Home Services

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles. They were the dominant vertebrates for over 160 million years. While I am on the topic of dinosaurs, I am sure you’ve heard the saying get out of the “dinosaur age” or “stop thinking like a dinosaur.”

There are many people who still apply old thinking and probably because that’s what they’re use to. There are far better ways to to do things today, because of technology.

Examples of Old and New

Old: Do you still use the Yellow pages when looking for home services?
New: Why not go online to find qualified contractors who have contractor reviews.

Old: Finding TV repair help in the back of some local newspaper.
New: Google it!!!

Old: Snail mail (The one the mailman delivers)
New: Email, the faster and cheapest way to communicate.

Old: CB Radio
New: Cell phone or smart phone

Old: Record player
New: BluRay player

I am sure by now you’re getting my drift and it’s time to use technology to do things smarter and faster. Stop thinking like a dinosaur!

I know many people prefer a traditional lifestyle with a little mixture of modernization to expedite services. This is still a good approach in life.

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