Do You Find Contractor Reviews Helpful?

When you get ready to hire a contractor, do you rely on contractor reviews by other consumers? In many cases, consumers like to use contractor reviews as part of the decision making before hiring a contractor.

The old and still the most trusting factor in making a decision has always been word of mouth. I am sure you have heard someone say “I got a guy” or “I know a guy.” However, we sometimes have to go on our hunch … but it’s best to do a little research. You should first find a local contractor and search for reviews in the Yellow Pages or other services that provide contractor reviews.

You should still be cautious when hiring a contractor based on reviews. Make sure the contractor has more than a few reviews. If you hire a contractor based on one review, it could be someone the contractor knows for which they never performed services. Also, look at the date that the contractor received reviews. If there’s a pattern in which the reviews all came within a couple of days and prior reviews were much more spread out, you should be cautious as these were probably provided by friends or family to game the system.

Tips on hiring a contractor

  • You should ask the contractor to provide samples of their work
  • Search the Better Business Bureau to ensure the contractor and business are in good standing
  • Perform a Google Search using these search terms “beware contractor reviews” or “beware contractor scams”
  • Make sure a contractor is registered, actively licensed, with a bond and insurance

To learn more visit the Federal Trade Commission.

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