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This contractor needs to quit his day job and get one he’s capable of doing right! This is not a story about saving a few dollars or even time by hiring the first contractor that comes along to install Crown Molding, but about a contractor who actually believes in their work.  You just can’t make this stuff up when you have photos.

A close friend hired a contractor to install Crown Molding and after the job was done, the painting contractor came in to finish the remaining work. The painting contractor couldn’t believe how bad the Crown Molding installation looked and pointed our several mistakes, and when I say several, I mean almost every place where there was new Crown Molding, it was a disaster.

Actual photo of Crown Molding Installation Gone Wrong


Unfortunately for my friend he had to pay for material AGAIN to replace the new Crown Molding that was cut wrong, poorly measured and misaligned. This is one contractor who shouldn’t be performing this type of work!

The damage was done and it was time to move on and my friend did. He found a real crown molding installation professional who did the job right and impressed at the same time for less money. When it comes to home improvement and repairs, do your homework before hiring a contractor or let ServiceLive connect you with trusted experts!

My friend did his homework, but this contractor got under his radar which is surprising, because my friend is no push over.

When hiring a contractor to perform home improvements and repairs always follow these tips;

  • Check the company’s reputation before the work begins
  • Get references and or examples of previous projects
  • Never pay any money up front

To learn more, read our blog about Home Repair Scams on the Rise.

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  1. Tough situation! Hard to believe a pro would be comfortable with that quality of work considering the word-of-mouth and online review-nature of today’s home improvement industry!

  2. Haha, I see this all the time. I always ask the homeowners, “where did you find this guy?”. At first, they always say from a friend or something like that, but after more questioning it usually ends up from…you guessed it, craigslist. You’re right, you definitely want a licensed contractor to do the job right!

  3. It is disheartening when you see this type of work, even more so when the contractor believes that it is acceptable. While I am not a fan of micromanaging, it is important to frequently check all of the work being performed in your house. This will allow you the opportunity to point it out, and hopefully avoid this type of poor quality work.

  4. Found the best professional here for Crown Molding with very genuine price for his work.They know very well about the different Angles of the ceilings.I like their work. Cutting Crown Molding Angles

  5. Sheldom,

    ServiceLive is always looking for quality contractors at http://provider.servicelive.com

  6. Before hiring a contractor to perform home improvements check the company’s reputation before the work begin get references and other examples of previous projects. Install Crown Molding

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