A Comparison of 3 Smart Thermostats

There is no denying that the intelligent thermostat is one smart home component that has enjoyed widespread acceptance, even by those who are reluctant to adopt other aspects of the Internet of Things. This could be because they can save you up to 15% on your energy bills, or it could simply be the comfort factor – arriving home after keeping the house at 60 degrees all day to save power is not exactly a pleasant, welcoming feeling in the dead of winter. With one little device and a mobile app that connects from any location, you can get home to a house that’s already at the perfect temperature for your preferences.

Whatever the reason for their popularity, experts project that more than 24 million homes will sport the handy device by 2019. With the lightning-fast growth rate of smart thermostat installations, it can be confusing trying to sort through all the hype and choose the best smart thermostat for you and your family. Here are a few of the top picks that consistently garner high ratings from experts and consumers alike.

ecobee3 Thermostat

This perennial favorite just keeps getting better. This second-gen incarnation features a function that’s tough to pass up – one that solves that common and pesky issue of one room being significantly colder than another. Instead of only adjusting the heat according to the room where the thermostat is located, the ecobee3 comes with a sensor that you can place in another room – say, a bedroom, during the night – so your furnace will not shut off while your teeth are chattering just 20 feet away.

There are also the Follow Me and Home/Away features, which use the sensors to customize the room temperature according to your preferences and automatically detect if the home is occupied or not.  What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, how about a sleek, stylish look and simple-to-operate interface to boot. It also works with a broad range of protocols, including HomeKit, Logitech, and IFTTT.

Nest Thermostat V.3

The Nest is a solid, reliable choice with an excellent reputation in the smart home industry. The third gen has a 40% larger screen, and a chic modern-retro styling that looks great in any home. While the Nest doesn’t have multiple zone capability, the learning function is a major boon and takes just about a week to figure out your family’s habits. Integration with other smart home devices is a plus, and while it isn’t HomeKit compatible like the ecobee, it will work with Echo, Logitech, and IFTTT.

Honeywell Lyric

A real “smart” thermostat, the Lyric can be controlled right from your smartphone. The round design is sophisticated, reminiscent of decades-old styling but in the good, vintage way. While the display is digital, the unit utilizes good old dial adjustment. There are no multiple zones, but like the ecobee and Nest, the Lyric does have motion detection, and it works with Apple’s HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Logitech, and IFTTT.

Installation Made Easy

Smart thermostat installation and setup can be a bit challenging, which means you may prefer to have professional thermostat installers take care of your ecobee Install, Nest Install or Lyric Install. Choosing an expert handyman at random is a risk. With ServiceLive you know you’re getting an experienced pro who has already been checked out by us. We can link you up with the best service for your smart home installation needs, and give you peace of mind about the person entering your home.





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