Cleaning Gutters Avoid Accidents!

Clogged and dirty gutters make for pretty icicles, but when one of those heavy pointy missiles falls it could be dangerous and cause severe injury for anyone standing under the falling projectile. Keeping your gutters clean can reduce the risk of injury and structural damage to your home. Cleaning gutters avoid accidents! The other annoyance from having ice buildup and icicles forming is when it starts to thaw and you here that annoying drip sound.

When is the best time to inspect and clean gutters?

Well, certainly not in the winter when ice has already formed and cleaning debris would be a very tough task at hand. You should perform an inspection twice per year. We recommend fall time preferably the end of October after all the leaves have fallen and this depends on where you live and early summer after the bloom.

Steps to cleaning gutters

  1. Make sure your ladder is on a hard and secure surface
  2. Inspect downspouts for any obstruction
  3. Make sure water is moving away from the house and not towards
  4. Check for any seams breaking apart or starting to split
  5. Make sure water is flowing towards the downspout, if not you need to adjust and or replace hangers. I would recommend hiring a handyman to fix gutters.
  6. Check inside all gutters and remove any debris
  7. Trim any tree limbs that may be rubbing up against your home and or gutters
  8. Once gutters are clean run clean water to rinse and remove the remaining debris left behind

Repeat and rinse every fall and early summer.

If you are unsure or don’t like going up ladders like me, it would be in your best interest to hire a local handyman to do the job for you. Many landscaping companies also offer gutter cleaning services.

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