How to Choose A Smart Thermostat

In the few years since the first smart thermostat burst onto the market, technology has advanced vastly, and features have been added with each new model redesign. In just a short time, these convenient devices have gone from simply being able to be controlled by your smartphone to being capable of picking up on your every temperature-related nuance and performing a variety of functions accordingly.

When choosing a thermostat, you need to prioritize which features matter most to you and which you can live without. Some of the available options on today’s connected thermostats:

  • Learning capabilities – This means that the device gets to know your personal preferences by tracking patterns in adjustments made to the temperature in the home. Over time, this allows the thermostat to fine-tune the environment for consistent comfort. The Nest Learning Thermostat is considered one of the best available with this feature, which earned it a spot on CNET’s Best Smart Devices of 2015 list.
  • Fully connected integration – Maybe you want your temperature adjustment to operate independently of everything else in the house, or if you prefer, you can get a model that can connect to a multitude of other devices like the Nest Cam.
  • Multiple zones – This handy feature is something people have been waiting on for years. With products like the ecobee3, you place sensors in different rooms throughout the house and the furnace continues running until the coldest room has achieved the desired temperature. The ecobee3’s modernized, sleek touchscreen is a bonus.
  • Geofencing – The Honeywell Lyric boasts this amazing perk. The device senses – via your smartphone – when you are on your way home and will heat or cool the house pre-emptively so that you can save energy while you’re away without having to step into an icebox or sauna and wait for the place to come to a comfortable climate.
  • Motion detection – The vast majority of contemporary models on the market include this feature, which is used in conjunction with programmable settings so that if motion is not detected for a pre-determined amount of time, the HVAC will stay off to avoid wasting energy. In versions like the Ecobee3 that come equipped with separate sensors, motion detection allows the system to make heating and cooling decisions based upon which rooms are occupied.

Whether your goal is a home that is completely interconnected in all aspects, or to simply not come back to a cold house – without running the heat all day in your absence – there is a broad range of smart thermostats to meet every need.

What About Installation?

ServiceLive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings, can facilitate installation of all of your smart home devices, utilizing a network of thousands of independent service providers across the United States. These skilled professionals are experienced in a wide variety of home improvements and upgrades and will get your system online and running seamlessly with zero hassle.

ServiceLive is perfect for those who don’t want to mess with DIY or take chances on an installer chosen at random. Our service professionals are screened for criminal and sex offender backgrounds and are held to the highest possible customer satisfaction standards. You can be 100% confident in your decision to let ServiceLive handle connecting you with a qualified installer.

As for your equipment, you are welcome to purchase your smart home devices from the wide variety of retailers who carry these products, or you can browse our selection at the Sears Connected Solutions Store. Contact us today to get started on your connected life.


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