CES 2017 Smart Home Devices

Did you know that smart home devices will top 25B by 2020? That’s 25 billion! Though the industry hasn’t caught fire like many have thought it would. Smart Home also known as connected living still has people talking and CES is a buzzing over all the new devices being offered.

Many new home builders are installing smart devices to sweeten the offering of a new home purchase. This year at CES 2017, AT&T was on hand showcasing some of the many benefits and devices that truly make connected living the technology now and beyond.

It’s a game changer – Smart devices enable connectivity, interaction and monitoring with user interfaces to provide real time information about things going on in and around your home. Just think you are at work and one of your kids is home, but can’t get in because again they forgot the house key, it happens. If you had smart door locks you can unlock the doors remotely with your smart phone from anywhere!

Connected home continues to evolve with 5 key points;

  1. Participants with different starting points
  2. Accelerating new innovations
  3. Limited integration
  4. Improved customer experience
  5. Connections make it happen

Today, there are smart appliances that communicate with manufactures when a problem occurs or maintenance is due. This provides proactive monitoring so if there’s an immediate need for service the manufacturer contacts the consumer and sets up an appointment for a technician to make the necessary repairs before the appliance becomes inoperable.

The future is now where information, response and control are at our finger tips.

Are you connected?

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