CES 2015 Underway

The ServiceLive team is out at CES 2015 in sunny Las Vegas. It’s a perfect week to be in Las Vegas where the weather is sunny and in the 60’s. Our corporate office in Hoffman Estates, IL is experiencing wind chills of -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enough with the weather and onto what’s trending at CES.

TVs with curves: How sexy is that? Well not at all, but from a technology perceptive it’s the newest form factor in support of 4K HDTV. That 1080P is going through obsolescence with the new 4K TVs being sold. Prices are expected to drop on 4K TVs this year. A 4K TV stretches 4,000 pixels wide, giving you an incredible resolution compared to the once popular LED 1080P TVs. Even though 4K has been around for a while, expect prices to drop on these super resolution TVs.

Connected Cars & Homes OH MY! Just imagine a car that drives itself, obeys traffic laws and doesn’t talk back with disrespect…At least not yet. The connected home technology has been around for a little while but it’s starting to get popular in the mainstream. We will start seeing more things that are connected like door locks, HVAC systems, thermostats, garage door openers, lighting, security systems, and so much more. Let’s not forget about appliances, like refrigerators and thermostats, that have the capability to intelligently manage the energy you have and visualize it for you.

Wearables – Yep the trend continues. The Apple Watch, due out early this year, is already dominating the conversation for 2015, but the tech giant won’t be participating at CES. Expect to see hundreds of other companies showing off their wearables, including some accessories that are designed to work with the Apple Watch. (Credit ABC News)

Virtual Reality while there’s no release date yet for the consumer version of the Oculus virtual reality headset, plenty of chatter has centered around 2015 being the year of virtual reality for the masses. (according to ABC News)

At the Web Summit in November, CEO Brendan Iribe said a consumer release is “months, not years away, but many months.”

Maybe CES 2016 will showcase technology in the health space because with all the connected and virtual stuff who needs to get off the couch?


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