AT&T & ServiceLive – Digital Handyman Announcement

We are excited to inform you that yesterday at the AT&T CES Developer Summit in Las Vegas, we announced the commercial launch of AT&T Digital Life starting in March in eight markets.  AT&T and ServiceLive have been partnering for over a year at this point to prepare for this launch.  Through 2013, AT&T will enter approximately 50 markets.  Jobs installing thermostats, light switches, door locks and water shut-offs will continue to increase throughout the year and AT&T will continue to need trusted partners in each of those markets.

Contact or call ServiceLive support at 888-549-0640 to become part of the AT&T Provider Network.

You can read the press coverage at the links below.

AT&T News Room:|digital_life

Fierce Wireless (ServiceLive mentioned in this article):

CNET CES coverage:

Cisco News Release:,+Cisco&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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  1. Sounds interesting although I don’t see it happening in my lifetime. Have any interesting techinical data yet? I am a service-live provider and I like where this is going… You got my attention.

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